Our Story

The mission is complex but our vision is simple. Make social media safe, secure, and improve quality of life for people.

A team of coffee drinkers have flocked together to reconnect everyone with that special feeling of belonging, and rekindle our love for sharing memories, laughs and joy when socialising.

Principle over profit is our bread and butter – trust, transparency, integrity, and community. Join the social media movement towards good ethics, better people and the greatest vibes.

Why wndr

Because it is not working. It is time to radically re-think the role of social media and how it works.

Social media has evolved in such a way that it is no longer the positive influence it was intended to be. It is become so much more than a simple communications tool. It is bigger than us, and the bigger it gets, the more unruly it feels. It is time for radical and positive change.

In recent years, many governments have talked about the need for social media reform, but nothing has been done. At Ethical Social Company, we are on a mission to drive change. Change represented by a modern digital world free from advertising and data farming where people are customers not products and can explore and
connect in a way that genuinely improves their wellbeing.

Our mission is to not only improve peoples lives, but to save lives.
We intend to create radical new policies that re-frame social media and determine how it should function for governments around the world to adopt.

We have created Wndr to challenge social as we know it and to lead the way towards a more honest and ethical approach. We believe in treating people online just as you want to be treated in real life. Why should there be any difference. People should be free to communicate and interact online in a trusted and safe environment that promotes life, growth, and positivity, rather than negativity and vanity.

Wndr represents a paradigm shift in the world of social media a benchmark that will hold other platforms to account. We are leading the way, join us.

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